Our Product Range

We source the very best quality ingredients for baking, and snacking because we believe eating well should taste good, too.

EXE All Purpose

EXE All Purpose home baking flour is Unga Limited’s leading brand in the wheat category.

It is milled from a blend of the finest wheat and is suitable for making pastries, pancakes, chapatis, mandazis and other confectionary products.

EXE Chapati

Milled from a blend of carefully selected superior wheat for perfect chapatis every time. The flour has high extensibility making it easy to handle and enjoyable to work with.

It has characteristics that help to form layers (lamination) in chapatis.

EXE Mandazi

Made from a blend of fine wheat flour and special raising agents mixed in perfect proportions for fluffy mandazis every time.

EXE Mandazi is also suitable for production of doughnuts.

EXE Self Raising

EXE Self Raising flour is milled from selected soft wheat. It is a lighter flour blended with well balanced raising agents.

Housewives prefer this to other home baking flours because it makes baking easier and eliminates mistakes in weighing raising agents e.g. baking powder.

It is a versatile flour ideal for pancakes, cupcakes, cookies and home biscuits.

EXE Brown Bread

Whole meal flour full of natural goodness milled from superior quality wheat. Rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Used in making brown bread, whole meal bread, brown scones and biscuits. Brown chapatis/rotis are also made from this flour.

EXE Atta Mark 1

Exe Atta Mark 1 is the most popular of all Atta flour in the market. This flour is made from selected quality wheat. It is a nutritious flour for health conscious people.

Atta Mark 1 is also suitable for making light brown soft chapatis or rotis and a variety of Asian dishes.